Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why you must go shopping Black Friday

We've all seen the campaigns on facebook, etc to guilt people out of shopping on Black Friday so the employees of the stores can be home with their families for the holidays. I have a few problems with this, but it has taken me a couple of years of this campaign to put together why it bothers me (even though I have very seldom shopped that day. Just too much hassle. Don't have my Christmas money until later anyway):

1) The Friday AFTER Thanksgiving is NOT the holiday. The only reason most people have it off in the first place is because their bosses realize it would be pointless to open up shop for just the one day. And because they don't feel like working it either anyway. But seriously, it is NOT the holiday. Thursday is.

2) When I worked at Target, I worked a twelve hour shift for BF. That was 8 hours of straight time and 4 hours of time and a half! Yowza! Biggest paycheck of my life!

Why do you anti BF people want to deny these people, most of them the "working poor," their best chance to make money for Christmas for their kids?

Hello! Those people aren't volunteering their time, here. They are trading their time and labor for the money they need to trade for presents! There is NOTHING evil about this arrangement. Both the store and the employee get what they want- money! And you get what you want- great deals! Win win!

In fact, step it up! You need to go buy MORE! They need you!

(This is such a better way to help the poor than welfare. Welfare of all stripes degrades the recipient. This gives at least a tiny measure of dignity to the person standing at the register or helping you out with your stuff. They're not receiving handouts; they are productive members of society.)

3) If you are going to complain about people working the day after Thanksgiving, why don't you complain about the doctors and nurses and paramedics and firemen and policemen who are working that day? Don't they deserve the day off too? Do you only care about store clerks? Or maybe you just want to limit the bennies to the upper middle class, huh?

Let's think these things through before we start jumping on these bandwagons, ok?

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