Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bernie's Lies

Rant against a pintrest post because its hard to rant at them:

Bernie- "Republicans gave $X to rich businesses. Democrats would spend that $X to pay for universal college, universal preschool, blah, blah, blah." Typical propaganda/logic fallacy. If $X fell from the sky, he might be right. But. The Republicans chose to let X number of people keep their own money. the poor didn't get a tax cut because the poorest 50% in this country don't pay ANY income taxes. How do you cut that? What Bernie wants to do is take even more money from the richest 50% and go farther into debt to give it away the way he thinks it should be spent (instead of letting the people who earn it decide how to spend it). This isn't free money lying around but increased debt, which is taxes on our children and grandchildren. And that is "taxation without representation."

And why cut taxes when we are already not getting enough $ for what the government is doing? 

1) The government is doing too much. It is like fire; always wanting more and more fuel, never satisfied. The line needs to be drawn somewhere. 

2) Cutting taxes increases the governments income. The "rich" don't put their money into mattresses. They invest it to make more money or they buy luxury items. Investment creates jobs which means more people rich enough to pay taxes as well as more money to tax on the original rich person. Buying luxury items means more jobs for the middle class workers that make them, which is again, more incomes to tax, more money for the government. Or in mathematical formula, 10% of $100 is a whole lot more money than 50% of $0. This has been proven before, and in reverse, too. Remember Bill Clinton's "Luxury tax"? 75% tax on all items deemed to be luxuries. Know why it was repealed? People simply quit buying luxury items. Totally destroyed all the industries that make them putting 100's of 1000's of people out of work and onto the welfare roles. The government lost massive amounts of money over that one. The republicans are simply doing the reverse; let people keep more of their own money so they can supply more jobs so there is more money to tax at a lower rate which equals more total money in the long run.