Friday, June 7, 2019


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Be careful when listening to evolutionists. They say things as if they are absolute proven fact that are often no more than pretty stories/ wild guesses.

Ask for the real proof.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

School Shooters

Every school shooter has been

  • Male (we are failing our boys socially and educationally)
  • From a dad-free-home (We don't value marriage or fathers and this is the result)
  • Seeing a psychiatrist and on psycho tropic drugs (we are failing our mentally ill and need to reevaluate the legality of these drugs.)
  • and attacking a gun-free-zone called "school." (Can we say "hunting fish in a bucket"?)

This Is Not About Politics Or Policy. This Is Evil. And Evil Is Everywhere.

"Schools should not be fortresses, they should be sanctuaries." Absolutely true.
And a woman should be able to walk down the street naked without getting raped
And you should be able to leave your keys in your car with the engine running and it not get stolen.
And you shouldn't have to lock your house, work in a job you hate, ever go hungry or get sick.

Now back to the real world...

It’s Time To Put Armed Security In Every Public School In America
The One Single Person To Blame For The Florida School Shooting

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

CBS goes to ground over claims it buried anti-Obama stories | New York Post

CBS goes to ground over claims it buried anti-Obama stories | New York Post

"Let's hope that in this coming week, Attkisson will tell us what is really on her mind.

In this New York Post article, Attkisson states - "One of the most instructive things at the time, for me, was when government researchers told me that even though all the studies showed flu shots didn’t work in the elderly, they figured the STUDIES were wrong because they “knew” flu shots worked!’’

She goes on to sate: "Kind of reminds me of today’s CDC that looks at all the scientific links between vaccines and autism but ‘knows’ it can’t be so, so it changes the study data or finds other explanations for why the data says what it says,”

Thank you Sharyl Attkisson for not being afraid to ask the hard questions at any cost."

America today has traded the worship of God for the worship of government and science. That is where we turn when we have a problem. Even when the science says God is right or that the science itself is wrong, we insist the human theories MUST rule.

"As for me and my House, we will serve the Lord" -Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

You know, when I was a kid "Happy Holidays" WAS a traditional Christmas greeting, fully accepted by everyone without a second thought. It has been around at least as long as "Merry Christmas." It means "Happy Holy Days."

"Merry Christmas" means "Merry Christ Mass [Service]" (an invention of the Catholic Church, by the way. Jesus was likely born in September or October. Shepherds don't generally have their sheep in fields in the height of winter, but in barns).

The only reason this has become an issue is a few stores told their emplyees to only say the one and not the other.

It does not mean that if I say "Happy Holidays" I am denying Christ. It likely just means I can't remember which holiday we are closest to (Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Years? Do I have all the kids I brought with me here? Have I lost anyone? Did I get everything I meant to? Did I turn the space heater off before leaving the house? Did I remember to put clothes on before leaving the house?:-P)

So come on, people. Lets quit being distracted by these silly side issues and start focusing on what is important:

Jesus Christ, God incarnate, robed Himself in flesh, lived a sinless life, and voluntarily died the most torturous death humans have ever invented...

All to wipe out my sins so I could go to heaven instead of hell.

If you REALLY  believe the message of Christmas is important, be sure to tell ALL of your loved ones (and hated ones too!) about Jesus and His wonderful gift of salvation this season!

Jesus- It's Hell without Him!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Dating Stonehenge

The Institute for Creation Research  
Article about a redating of Stonehenge and the discovery of historical documents describing its building (Merlin was the foreman for the builders). Turns out, the evidence has been staring us in the face for ages.

Secular Historians have invented a story of history requiring 1000's of years. Since the Bible  doesn't agree with that, they dismiss It as fairy tales. When historical documents are found to disagree with their story (and agree with the Bible) they call them nonsense and ignore them. Then they wonder why they can't find all the information that should be out there.

Hello! Quit being so atheistically religious and look at the real evidence! More and more archeology is supporting the Bible and the Young Earth theory. It's time the secularists put aside their bias and accept the real evidence.

The Bible is True.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Name of God

When reading the Bible we must remember that our current KJV Bible is 16th century English. Often there are words used that we don't quite understand, or that we don't really know the meaning of. Let's take "Our Lord Jesus Christ" for example.

Lord is the 16th century English word for "Boss, owner"

Jesus is the Greek version of the name "Yeshua" (Joshua) which means "to rescue", "to deliver." (Jesus' disciples would not have called Him [Gee-suss] as we pronounce it. They would have used the word "Yeshua" (Hebrew has nor J sound. Our equivalent is "Joshua.") 

Christ Is the Greek version of the word "Messiah" which means "Anointed One."

So, "Our Lord Jesus Christ" in 21st Century English is:

Our Boss and Deliverer the Anointed One.

So next time you are reading your Bible, replace "Our Lord Jesus Christ" with "Our Boss and Deliverer, the Anointed One" and see if it changes your understanding of Scripture.