Monday, December 22, 2014

The Name of God

When reading the Bible we must remember that our current KJV Bible is 16th century English. Often there are words used that we don't quite understand, or that we don't really know the meaning of. Let's take "Our Lord Jesus Christ" for example.

Lord is the 16th century English word for "Boss, owner"

Jesus is the Greek version of the name "Yeshua" (Joshua) which means "to rescue", "to deliver." (Jesus' disciples would not have called Him [Gee-suss] as we pronounce it. They would have used the word "Yeshua" (Hebrew has nor J sound. Our equivalent is "Joshua.") 

Christ Is the Greek version of the word "Messiah" which means "Anointed One."

So, "Our Lord Jesus Christ" in 21st Century English is:

Our Boss and Deliverer the Anointed One.

So next time you are reading your Bible, replace "Our Lord Jesus Christ" with "Our Boss and Deliverer, the Anointed One" and see if it changes your understanding of Scripture.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Man Who Busted Gruber Speaks Out, Reveals $250 Billion Obamacare Tax Grab - Katie Pavlich

The Man Who Busted Gruber Speaks Out, Reveals $250 Billion Obamacare Tax Grab - Katie Pavlich

The entire point of the legislation was a removal of our freedoms. There are things in there that haven't even been revealed yet.

Part of that is to move us to socialist medicine (BO care will cause insurance companies to eventually go bankrupt so there will be no other choice but the gov.) This gives ultimate control to the government.

"If you want medical care you must obey. Sure you can homeschool. But if you do and your child gets hurt or sick they won't be treated by any doctor in the country."

Obey or die without the expense of bullets or gas chambers.

Ph.D.'s and other False Gods - Dennis Prager - Page full

Ph.D.'s and other False Gods - Dennis Prager - Page full

"Why? First, because one God means one human race. Only if we all have the same Creator, or Father, as it were, are we are all brothers and sisters. Second, having the same parent also means that no person is intrinsically more valuable than any other. And third, one God means one moral standard for all people. If God declares murder wrong, it is wrong for everyone, and you can't go to another god for another moral standard." This is exactly why WE need to be a Christian nation.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Regret. - The Elliott Homestead

Regret. - The Elliott Homestead

Climate Catastrophe - John Stossel - Page 1

Climate Catastrophe - John Stossel - Page 1

"The dogma that man is ruining the planet rather than improving it is a
religion, a source of prestige and a career for too many people." 

If the whole point of "environmentalism" is improved long term human health, than this article is right that the changes brought by fossil fuels are wonderful. Now, I don't like gas. I would love it if my house could be solar/wind powered. But the fact is that fossil fuels are cheap and clean (compared to burning manure or wood for heat, or even mining and manufacturing solar panels).

And if what we really want is to save human lives, than it would actually be far cheaper to just move the cities threatened by higher ocean levels than to do all that the enviro-theists want done.

The fact is that the whole environmental thing is either based on earth worship or the attempt to remove our freedoms by making us socialist.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dating Stonehenge

The Institute for Creation Research  
Article about a redating of Stonehenge and the discovery of historical documents describing its building (Merlin was the foreman for the builders). Turns out, the evidence has been staring us in the face for ages.

Secular Historians have invented a story of history requiring 1000's of years. Since the Bible  doesn't agree with that, they dismiss It as fairy tales. When historical documents are found to disagree with their story (and agree with the Bible) they call them nonsense and ignore them. Then they wonder why they can't find all the information that should be out there.

Hello! Quit being so atheistically religious and look at the real evidence! More and more archeology is supporting the Bible and the Young Earth theory. It's time the secularists put aside their bias and accept the real evidence.

The Bible is True.