Monday, June 3, 2019

Dating Stonehenge

The Institute for Creation Research  
Article about a redating of Stonehenge and the discovery of historical documents describing its building (Merlin was the foreman for the builders). Turns out, the evidence has been staring us in the face for ages.

Secular Historians have invented a story of history requiring 1000's of years. Since the Bible  doesn't agree with that, they dismiss It as fairy tales. When historical documents are found to disagree with their story (and agree with the Bible) they call them nonsense and ignore them. Then they wonder why they can't find all the information that should be out there.

Hello! Quit being so atheistically religious and look at the real evidence! More and more archeology is supporting the Bible and the Young Earth theory. It's time the secularists put aside their bias and accept the real evidence.

The Bible is True.

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